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June 2015

Brunel University London, 'Jacquie focuses on future of the BBC', 1 July 2015

The Guardian, 'The Clegg Catastrophe', Patrick Wintour and Nicholas Watt, 25 June 2015

London South East, 'Britain braces for political showdown over long-awaited airport decision', Sarah Young, 22 June 2015. See also: Daily Times

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Huffington Post, 'Back to school: The importance of adult learning', Andrew Harding, 3 June 2015

Sky News, CentreForum's Nick Tyrone reflects on Charles Kennedy's passing, 2 June 2015

The Guardian, 'Charles Kennedy: an open, untamed personality at the heart of the Lib Dems', Patrick Wintour, 2 June 2015

May 2015

Times Higher, 'PhD loans: the wrong carrot?', Paul Wakeling and Adel Pasztor, 28 May 2015

Daily Mail, 'Panic attacks. Wild mood swings. Worrying weight loss. The middle-class teenagers under such pressure to succeed they've become the anxious generation', Tanith Carey, 21 May 2015

Local Government Executive, 'Let councils set property tax, think tank argues', Andy Jowett, 18 May 2015

Press release | The final nail in the coffin for Mansion Tax? | 15 May 2015

Public Finance, 'Government urged to let councils set tax rates on homes', Judith Ugwumadu, 15 May 2015

LocalGov, 'Abolish council tax bands, argues think tank', Laura Sharman, 15 May 2015

Municipal Journal, 'Think tank calls for flat rate council tax', Jamie Hailstone, 15 May 2015

CAPX, 'The case for freer markets and a less powerful state', Mark Littlewood, 12 May 2015

The Independent, Indy Voices: 'A sensational win for the Conservatives? Maybe not...', Tom Papworth, 8 May 2015

Mental Health Today, 'Which political party can deliver on race equality and mental health after the general election', Patrick Vernon, 6 May 2015

NewStatesman, Staggers: 'Labour shouldn't close a door on a Lib-Lab deal', Andrew Harrop, 5 May 2015

The Independent, 'Early interventions to stop young people going off the rails could save £1.7bn a year, say leading charities', Sarah Cassidy, 5 May 2015

Charity Times, 'Charities unite to ensure next government prioritises early intervention', Matt Ritchie, 1 May 2015

Vice News, 'The UK's next leader is going to face some serious questions on nukes', Jenna Corderoy, 1 May 2015

Public Finance, 'Opportunity costs: who wins from the outsourcing revolution?', Rachel Willcox, 1 May 2015

The Times, Letters: 'Should Britain replace its nuclear deterrent?', Toby Fenwick, 1 May 2015

April 2015

Press release | Debt equity tax bias fuels boom and bust, says liberal think tank | 30 April 2015

Public Finance, 'Call for business finance tax reform', Richard Johnstone, 30 April 2015

SEN Magazine, 'The benefits of being dyslexic', Sarah Driver, 30 April 2015

Society Central, 'Better public services - forget ideology and learn from past mistakes', Quentin Maxwell-Jackson, 28 April 2015

Talking Shop UK, 'Can politics and education be brought together?', James Kempton, 27 April 2015

Schools Week, 'Academy big guns boost campaign offer', Ann McGauran, 24 April 2015

BBC Radio 5 Live, CentreForum's Stephen Lee talks to 5 Live Breakfast about the Lib Dems in coalition, 24 April 2015

Financial Times, Letters: 'We can, and should, do better than Trident', Toby Fenwick, 22 April 2015

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Вести Экономика, 'Британии советуют отказаться от "Трайдентов"', 15 April 2015

Press release | Stop confusing your customers, energy companies warned | 13 April 2015

Financial Times, 'Buying Trident would weaken British defence', Gideon Rachman, 13 April 2015

City AM, 'Energy cost concerns revealed as complex bills are criticised', Chris Papadopoullos, 13 April 2015

Evening Standard, 'Energy industry shake-up fails to spur customer switching', Ben Chu, 13 April 2015. Article also appeared in The Independent and i.

MailOnline, 'Confusopoly among energy suppliers means millions overpay because they can't understand cryptic bills', Rachel Rickard Straus, 13 April 2015

Press Association, 'Confusing bills are stopping customers from switching energy supplier', 13 April 2015. Story carried by Business ReporterEnergy VoiceExpress & Star, Herald Scotland, The Metro, Daily Star, Daily Telegraph, Western Daily PressWestern Morning News and Yorkshire Evening Post among other outlets

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