April 2014

Press release | Urgent need to tackle loneliness among the over 85s | 29 April 2014

Voice of Russia, 'Loneliness is preventable, government should try harder says charity', Brendan Cole, 29 April 2014

LocalGov, 'Report warns of urgent need to tackle loneliness', Thomas Bridge, 29 April 2014

Mature Times, 'There is an urgent need to tackle loneliness among over 85s', 29 April 2014

Liberal Democrat Voice, 'Towards a sensible welfare system', Adam Corlett, 4 April 2014

March 2014

Ethos Journal, 'Money, money, money', Jo Owen, 31 March 2014

ConservativeHome, 'The Conservative manifesto should take those in absolute poverty out of tax', Adam Corlett, 21 March 2014

Local Government Chronicle, 'Labour plans to keep council tax referendums', Keith Cooper, 20 March 2014

Times Higher Education, 'Pathways to profit', David Matthews, 20 March 2014

The Financial Times, Off message blog: 'The five charts you need to win with the Budget', John McDermott, 19 March 2014

Huffington Post UK, 'Budget 2014: George Osborne raising 40p tax threshold would help rich most', Asa Bennett, 19 March 2014

Liberal Democrat Voice, 'Some first thoughts on the Budget', Caron Lindsay, 19 March 2014

The Guardian, 'Prime minister pitches to families with childcare cash', Patrick Wintour and Rowena Mason, 18 March 2014 [front page of print edition]

The Guardian, '£2,000 a year childcare support scheme will benefit rich parents', Nick Watt, Rowena Mason and Patrick Wintour, 18 March 2014

NewStatesman, Staggers: 'Lib Dems revolt over Nick Clegg's refusal to cut taxes for the poorest', George Eaton, 18 March 2014

ConservativeHome, 'We ask our panel: what do you want to see in tomorrow's Budget', 18 March 2014

Press release | Budget 2014: Give self-employed Brits a tax cut, think tank urges | 14 March 2014

ConservativeHome, 'Some Budget measures to cheer both liberals and conservatives', Tom Papworth, 14 March 2014

Public Finance, 'Budget should scrap council tax referendum cap', Richard Johnstone, 14 March 2014

Left Foot Forward, 'Budget 2014: To help low earners, look to self-employment tax cuts', Adam Corlett, 14 March 2014

Huffington Post UK, 'Budget 2014: Osborne raising 40p tax threshold would help rich, not middle class', Asa Bennett, 14 March 2014

Politics.co.uk, 'Conference diary: Lib Dems want the public to calm down on immigration', 8 March 2014

Liberal Democrat Voice, 'Six points I took from Nick Clegg's Lib Dem conference Q&A', Stephen Tall, 8 March 2014

The Guardian, 'Nick Clegg: Nigel Farage wants to turn the clock back', Patrick Wintour, 8 March 2014

Liberal Democrat Voice, 'The Orange Book: 2004-2014', Tom Frostick, 7 March 2014

The Financial Times, Off message: 'Why raising the personal allowance won't help the poor', John McDermott, 5 March 2014

Liberal Democrat Voice, 'Reform of the planning system', Annette Brooke, 4 March 2014

Huffington Post UK, 'Floods: time for some enlightened self-interest from the insurance industry', Tom Papworth, 4 March 2014

Daily Mail, 'Teach children respect and how to cope under pressure by enrolling them in cadets, says Michael Gove', Sarah Harris, 3 March 2014

February 2014

The Financial Times, 'Learn from Google, not Foxconn', John McDermott, 26 February 2014

Post & Parcel, 'Post Office extends banking partnership with NatWest and RBS', 25 February 2014

Liberal Democrat Voice, 'Lib Dems should get behind renaming of National Insurance', Adam Corlett, 25 February 2014

BBC Radio 4 Analysis, CentreForum's Stephen Lee debates the pros and cons of selection through lottery, 24 February 2014, available on BBC iPlayer

Liberal Democrat Voice, 'Use devo-max to put the positive case for the Union', Toby Fenwick, 13 February 2014

Press release | Character and resilience key to a successful education, says influential cross party group | 11 February 2014*

BBC News, 'Schools urged to promote character and resilience', Patrick Howse, 11 February 2014

BBC China, 英国议员:学校不应仅是考试工厂, 11 February 2014

The Times, 'MPs want an extra subject included on the school curriculum: true grit', Greg Hurst, 11 February 2014

The Daily Telegraph, 'Pupils should be issued with school leaving certificates', Graeme Paton, 11 February 2014

Daily Mail, 'Schools should offer a GCSE in coping with life', Sarah Harris, 11 February 2014

The Independent, 'Teachers must sign up for drama and sport, say MPs', Richard Garner, 11 February 2014

Press Association, 'Teaching about more than exams', Alison Kershaw, 11 February 2014

Nottingham Post, 'Publishing players' salaries is an invasion of privacy', Leigh Curtis, 11 February 2014

BBC London and other local radio, Coverage of the 'Character and resilience manifesto published by CentreForum, 11 February 2014

Press release | Think tank waves red card at English football | 7 February 2014

Press Association, 'Think tank urges football clubs to reveal spending', Martyn Ziegler, 7 February 2014 (carried by the Independent, Mail and Fox Sports and various local media outlets)

City AM, 'FA should take information requests', 7 February 2014

LBC Radio, Sam Tomlin discusses his new football governance paper, 7 February

BBC Local Radio, CentreForum report author Sam Tomlin discusses his new football governance paper with a number of BBC local radio stations, 7 February

Law Society Gazette, 'Diversity and the City', Kathleen Hall, 4 February 2014

Liberal Democrat Voice, 'Gove and Laws scrap it out over sacking of Ofsted head. Here's what the row is all about', Stephen Tall, 2 February 2014

* The 'Character and Resilience manifesto' published by CentreForum also received coverage through the Birmingham Post, ConservativeHome, Huffington Post, The Guardian (Comment is free), TES and two subsequent BBC articles (here and here)

January 2014

Press release | Immigrants should pay National Insurance upfront, says liberal think tank | 30 January 2014

Press Association, 'Migrants should pay in £2,000', 30 January 2014 (carried by the Evening Standard and Huffington Post among others)

MailOnline, 'Migrants must pay £2,000 advance before they can enter Britain to cover costs of care and benefits, says report', Matt Chorley, 30 January 2014

MailOnline, 'Tory immigration showdown as more than 100 MPs are ready rebel in call to make it easier to deport foreign criminals', Matt Chorley, 30 January 2014

LBC Radio, Tom Papworth discusses new CentreForum report 'Migration: a liberal challenge', 30 January 2014

Public Finance, 'Non-EU migrants should pay NI advance', Richard Johnstone, 30 January 2014

The Guardian, Finance hub: 'The voluntary sector: lessons from the past decade', Becky Slack, 27 January 2014

ConservativeHome, 'A challenge to Miliband's challenger banks', Toby Fenwick, 30 January 2014

Left Foot Forward, 'Forget challenger banks, Ed – and hand shares in RBS and Lloyds to the British public', Toby Fenwick, 27 January 2014

Sky News, CentreForum's Chris Paterson talks to Adam Boulton about the coalition government's school accountability reforms, 23 January 2014

Press release | Taxing poverty is wrong — lift low earners out of National Insurance | 16 January 2014

City AM, 'Thinktank: cut National Insurance', Kate McCann, 16 January 2014

New Statesman, Staggers blog: 'Progressive parties should cut National Insurance, not income tax', Adam Corlett, 16 January 2014

Public Finance, 'Think tank urges increase in the NI threshold', Richard Johnstone, 16 January 2014

The Actuary, 'Further personal allowance hikes could hit pension saving', 16 January 2014

Liberal Democrat Voice, 'Making allowances: 12 conclusions about the Personal Allowance policy', Adam Corlett, 16 January 2014

The Financial Times, Off message blog: 'So, you want to increase the minimum wage...', John McDermott, 8 January 2014

BBC News, CentreForum's Tom Papworth talks to the news channel about the government immigration cap, 7 January 2014

WBP Online, 'Britain intensifies talks on EU immigration cap', Vladimir Harman, 7 January 2014

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