Degrees of quality: how to deliver the courses we need at prices we can afford

Degrees of quality coverGill Wyness
August 2011

This report calls for an end to the current loop of self-monitoring where universities teach, award and mark their own degrees - and urges research-intensive universities to design standardised curricula that can be taught in the majority of institutions.

It warns that government plans to introduce a market in higher education may have undesirable consequences, with more providers making quality and value less easy to determine. It is suggested that moving to common standards and independent marking will be an effective quality control measure, similar to A-levels.

"CentreForum's report is the first systematic explanation of the case for separation of teaching from accreditation. It is hugely important for the debate about teaching in higher education - and not just in this country."

- Gervas Huxley, Teaching Fellow in Economics, University of Bristol

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