Tax and the coalition: fairness and responsibility?

Dick Newby
September 2011

With economic inequality at levels not seen since the late forties, and with the issue of tax avoidance at the forefront of political discussion, a fairness deficit has arisen in the public consciousness. In this publication, Lord Newby, Co-Chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Treasury Policy Committee, sets out how fiscal retrenchment during the current Parliament can be achieved in a fair way.

The report shows how the coalition’s policies on tax can marry the liberal value of personal freedom with the need for fairness and responsibility. It examines current issues such as the 50p income tax rate and the mansion tax, as well as looking at proper enforcement to reduce avoidance and evasion.

With these suggestions, the report shows what the coalition government could do to make Britain fairer within the lifetime of this parliament.

Download the full report.