Delivering Dilnot: paying for elderly care

Cutting emissions coverPaul Burstow

January 2013

The recommendations of the Dilnot Commission on Funding of Care and Support have won widespread support from the sector and across the political spectrum. Demographic changes over the coming decades mean that reform can no longer be postponed. The question now is whether the government can find the resolve - and the funding - to deliver practical reform that works for Britain.

'Delivering Dilnot: paying for elderly care includes pieces from a wide range of contributors, from Paul Burstow MP - former Care Services Minister under the Coalition - and Lord Sutherland - former chair of the Royal Commission on Long Term Care under Labour - to a carer and a pensioner who face our current broken system.

It emphasises that tough political deceisions must be made to deliver reform, and proposes how it can be funded a way that is fair and sustainable. The report also looks at what the private sector needs in order to deliver the necessary insurance products.

Together, these contributions make the case for Dilnot's proposals, and show how they can be realised without further delay.

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