Dropping the bomb: a post Trident future

Lord Heseltine speaking at the launch of CentreForum report on PSREs

10 May 2012


  • Bernard Jenkin MP 
  • Ian Forber, Head of Defence and Counter-Terrorism, Cabinet Office
  • Toby Fenwick, report author, CentreForum
  • Professor  Malcolm Chalmers, Director of Research, RUSI (Chair)
This recent event provided the opportunity to discuss CentreForum’s recent publication 'Dropping the bomb: a post Trident future' by Toby Fenwick. The author argues that Trident no longer provides additional security to the NATO nuclear guarantee. Given this, and the UK’s fiscal position, the report concludes that we would be better served by withdrawing Trident from service and reinvesting the savings in the UK’s conventional forces. 
A response to the report was kindly provided by Bernard Jenkin MP and Ian Forber and followed by a Q&A session. Mr Jenkin is the MP for North East Essex and was a member of the Defence Select Committee from 2006 to 2010, and now chairs the Public Administration Select Committee. Ian Forber is currently responsible for Defence – including nuclear policy – at the Cabinet Office.